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Created for convenience, our fridges are stocked with healthy snacks, drinks and homemade entrées.

Featuring a customizable selection of wholesome foods made with ingredients from local farmers and businesses, choose what you want and just swipe, grab and go!






Satisfy any craving with a swipe.

A delicious destination for home-crafted foods no matter your location! Simply make a selection, swipe your credit card and get your fresh, wholesome snack, drink or entrée.

Enjoy the benefits that come with fresh.

Eating healthy has never looked so good.

  • Eating better is more accessible and easier—items range in price from $3 to $11
  • No-touch food options give customers peace of mind
  • Fridges are stocked weekly or more as needed
  • Fridges are on site and always“open,” with 24/7 access
  • Supports local farmers and producers
  • Just swipe, grab and go
Small Footprint No Checkouts
No Lines Ingredients from Local Farms & Businesses
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From the creators of


As the daughter and granddaughter of farmers, Julie Blackman is no stranger to hard work. From helping run Blackman Homestead in Cambria, New York, the farm that’s been in her family for six generations, to working for two decades in the healthcare industry, she doesn’t shy away from putting her all into something.

On a mission to provide rural offerings to urban consumers, she created Farmers & Artisans in 2009. Located at 4557 Main Street, Snyder, New York, her storefront features locally and regionally grown and produced dairy products, bakery items, chef- prepared foods, pastured meats and eggs, fresh produce, artisan cheeses, pantry items and sustainable seafood offerings.

Julie’s deep knowledge of the Western New York food scene and her commitment to connecting producers and consumers year-round led her to create the Farmhouse Fridge, a small-kiosk, contactless vending machine featuring the freshest flavors from the region.

Crafted daily and restocked weekly or as needed, Julie and her team put the energy in to creating flavorful, wholesome and nourishing foods that taste like you made them at home.

Creating a healthy community.

The Farmhouse Fridge was brought to Western New York thanks to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and the Healthy Workplace Initiative. The BNMC team works diligently to bring more healthy, local food options to offices and workplaces on the Medical Campus and beyond, and the “smart fridge” concept was one big step forward in addressing this gap.

The tastes of home,
no matter your location.

Featuring products and ingredients from a variety of local food partners.

Are you getting

Made from the freshest local ingredients, take a look at some of the Farmhouse Fridge staples.

Freshness is closer
than you think.

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